California: The rainbow at the end of the water pot

After a winter full of fearsome rainstorms...

(That was me on the 405 last February.)

...California is now covered with flowers.

It's a thing of wonder.  One needs no words for this – just the picture will do.  Such beauty such as we have rarely ever seen is now covering the western landscapes, where parched desert drought was the order of the day for years and years and years.  It's God's blessing after years of suffering.

It's God's Easter flowers.  The Lord always likes to go big.

The wildflower superbloom is so intense that it can literally be seen from outer space.  And it's all over – even Los Angeles's freeway off ramps are filled with wildflowers, including the bright orange California poppies.

Perhaps the nicest thing about this dazzling explosion of color on California's parched hillsides is that the people who were hit hardest by Gov. Jerry Brown's atrocious water mismanagement – which created the state's man-made drought in the name of "going green" – are the ones seeing the most beautiful blooms.  The big spectacular hillside photos are from Central California, the much maligned area that was hit by the drought hardest.

Someone upstairs was watching them, it seems.  There's nothing to top the wonderment of this divine display of nature's beauty.

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