Calexit secedes from itself

It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch: rather than succeed in getting California to break up with the union, the Calexit unicorn crowd has managed only to secede from itself, breaking up and going away mad.

It really was a stupid rabbit trail, born of the Silicon Valley left's bitterness at the election of Donald Trump.  It was never a serious movement, mainly because it was never going to succeed – the Civil War pretty well put a stop to such an idea.  But it didn't stop this childish temper tantrum of wanting to take up one's marbles after an undesired election outcome and just go home.

Now it seems that the people organizing it have gotten into fights, and their petition to put secession on the ballot has fallen by the wayside.  Even Vladimir Putin has been thrown into the mix, with some characters or other saying Putin wants this and that his advocates for secession were Putin Puppets.  RT News, of course, is on the job with that one.

Make no mistake: there is a disgusting problem in California with its one-party politics.  The issue isn't Washington; it's Sacramento and its propensity for completely disenfranchising California's Central Valley as well as its southeast desert and northeast cascade counties – the boondocks, who never get any input in the affairs of the state.  That's where the reform is needed.  The Calexit crowd was nothing but a bunch of leftist bozos, absolutely sure that everyone in the state is as left-wing as they are, seeking as a majority to trample the rights of the minority by popular will.  What is really needed is decentralization in this state – the kind that empowers all the counties, not just a tight little elite that wants it all for itself and is so insulated that it thinks everyone thinks just as its own members do.

Anyone surprised that these self-absorbed, hot-tubbing navel-gazers managed to secede only from themselves?

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