Boston mayor raises transgender flag, says pledge of aggrievance

The "Men are Men and Women are Women" bus rolled into Boston, and the Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, was not pleased. The bus was staffed by activists who were spreading the word that people born as men were always men, and people born as women are always women. Yes, even Rachel Maddow.

Mayor Walsh was not pleased.  He hoisted the transgendered flag up his flagpole.  Did you know that transgendered people have their own flag?  It looks like this:

The blue stands for boys, the pink for girls, and the white is "no man's land" (heh, heh).  Anyway, back to Mayor Walsh:

... the bus moved on to City Hall, where Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh, flanked by dozens of supporters, hoisted the transgender rights flag in opposition.

"We will not be intimidated by discrimination or harassment,'' Walsh said. "And we will not tolerate these types of actions. When you deny the experience of transgender individuals, you are denying the experience of basic human civil rights."

Do men have civil rights to go into women's bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers?  I guess so!

This emphasis on flags confuses me.  Do men disguised as women want their own nation?  If there were a nation of "transgendered" people, how would men get to peep on women in the bathroom?  In such a nation, there would be no women (except, of course, for men disguised as women).

If they can't have their own country, how about a reservation?  It could be managed by a new Bureau of Transgendered Affairs, which would help transgendered people have affairs with whatever kind of life form they prefer, if it exists.

Questions for discussion:

1) There is no heterosexual flag.  If you were to design one, what would it look like?

2) If you had a heterosexual flag, would you display it outside your home to let your neighbors know your preference?

3) If there were a heterosexual pride day, what do you think would be the most appropriate way to celebrate it?

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