Ben Rhodes, still lying about Sebastian Gorka

President Trump's top counterterrorism adviser, Sebastian Gorka, has been the victim of quite a few dirty tricks from the Alinskyite left.

Last month, there was a false report from an actual Nazi who had never met Gorka claiming that Gorka had sworn allegiance to them, along with a scurrilous claim that a pin Gorka was wearing was Nazi stuff.  That fell flat fast.  Turns out the pin was an emblem of his father, who was a noted Hungarian Freedom Fighter (this is where the original term "freedom fighter" comes from) who resisted Soviet tanks in 1956.  Gorka issued a denial about the fake claim, and Gorka's Jewish friends as well as the Jerusalem Post called the claims for the lies they were.

It didn't stop the left.  This month, they published heavily doctored tapes claiming that Gorka was a Nazi, which were called out as "shoddy journalism" by disinterested people who don't even know Gorka, as well as an Alinskyite attack.  To me, it resembled Soviet desinformatsiya.  If anything, Gorka came out looking even more impressive when the full tape was located, showing him to be someone who, with no prompting, does and says the right thing for its own sake.  The bottom line, once again, is that Gorka is not anti-Semitic, he's not anti-Jewish, and there is considerable evidence he's proactively a good friend of Israel.

Incredibly, this hasn't stopped the lies.  It's one thing if a far-left blog full of ignorant trolls does it, but one of the big perpetrators is former Obama White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, tweeting and retweeting the false "narrative" (his specialty) about Dr. Sebastian Gorka as if these scurrilous claims were facts.

On April 15, Rhodes wrote:

There's not a drop of truth in Rhodes's tweet that Gorka was a Nazi.  Yet this person, who is supposed to have held a high level of power in the U.S. establishment on a non-partisan basis, is stooping to the lowest, craziest attacks on his White House successors.  It's unprofessional as hell.

It's bad enough that he's treading into libel lawsuit territory, but without speculating on that, let's look at the mindset of such an unprofessional person – who, as an aside, was closely affiliated with former NSC adviser Susan Rice, who has been caught red-handed using U.S. raw intelligence reports to spy on political rivals.

Rhodes, according to our sources, is pretty much the spearhead of Deep State attacks on the Trump presidency.  He is said to be bitter about Hillary Clinton's loss and spends his time attacking the new Trump administration.  Asked about the unseemly harshness of the attacks, one after another, on individuals – one of whom is Gorka – he has told our source that he doesn't think his nonstop attacks are unfair at all, though our source does.  Rhodes told him "they did it to us, they did it to us," presumably in reference to Republican criticisms.

Known among members of the press as a "twerp" (even by the Washington Post) and a "flim-flam man," Rhodes was a creative writing major whose main accomplishment, at least when he was hired, was being the brother of CBS president David Rhodes.  As a specialist in creative writing, he cooked up "narratives" for the Obama administration and made himself valuable.  Two of his biggest whoppers were the infamous Benghazi talking points and his open admission of deception on the Iran deal.  Besides his time with the mullahs, he spent considerable time with the Castros out of some sort of worshipful leftist obsession and was one of the few U.S. officials who went to Fidel Castro's funeral.  He was never able to get a U.S. security clearance – a surprising development, given that the bar for that was so low during the Obama years.  The White House refused to answer congressional questions about it.

According to Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon:

What did the FBI find that led them to suggest Ben Rhodes be denied a security clearance? Why was Ben Rhodes the only applicant out of 187 to be rejected for an interim security clearance? Why did he go on to become the president's most trusted foreign policy advisor?" Franks asked.  "We need to know this information in order to judge Mr. Rhodes' legacy as a senior foreign policy adviser, and protect the integrity of our security clearance processes.

Someone with a past as apparently unsavory as Rhodes's would be very likely to project his failures and shady past onto others.  The blameless Dr. Gorka is just his latest target.  It's astonishing that Rhodes continues to get away with it, using his public influence to spread not opinions, but lies.

Is there anything to be done about his behavior?  Maybe it will take a lawsuit to find out.  In the meantime, it's an appalling scenario that is likely to cost him his reputation in the long run.