Are public breastfeeders civil rights trailblazers or sexhibitionists?

A woman raised an uproar in a church when she decided to breastfeed during a service, and she was asked to cover up her nude breasts with a blanket.  The woman refused and got so angry that she decided to make a webcam video available to the entire world showing her baby sucking on her breasts.

Annie Peguero, of Dumfries, says in a Facebook Live video that she was questioned twice as she breastfed Sunday in Summit Church in Springfield: first as she sat near the church's "baby room" without a nursing cover over her breast and a second time as she nursed openly in the sanctuary during the sermon.

Peguero, a military wife and mother of two, said a church official told her it went against church policy to nurse openly.

"We don't want to make a man uncomfortable in church, and we also don't want to make a new churchgoer feel uncomfortable," Peguero said she was told.

But Peguero got so angry that she posted a video of herself breastfeeding so the entire world could see it.

That started me thinking.  Her behavior seems to have crossed the line from necessity to exhibition.  Could it be that some women find it sexually exciting to breastfeed in public?

After all, women don't need to show their breasts in public to breastfeed.

1) They can breastfeed at home.

2) They can breastfeed in a bathroom stall.

3) They can breastfeed in public but cover their breasts with a blanket.

If a woman "needs" to show her breasts in public for breastfeeding, and feels the need to do it so badly that she makes a video of her doing it for others to watch, could it be that she is getting sexual pleasure from it?

It doesn't take much searching on YouTube to find videos of women who clearly enjoy breastfeeding for that purpose:

Sexy Mommy Breastfeeding Toddler

Breastfeeding Tutorial Compilation Sexy Mom #1

PART18 Breastfeeding mother - SEXY Mom shows her boobs

PART59 - Breastfeeding SEXY mother Show her boobs

Since there is no need to show one's breasts in public to breastfeed, I have to conclude that this urge to do so is an offshoot of the nudist movement.  Annie Pegueru went to a church where people wanted to pray to God, not her breasts.  And how respectful is it to whip out your breasts when you're supposed to be praying to God?  Are people supposed to be multitasking like this in a place of worship?  I imagine not.

People say breastfeeding is only natural.  There are many things that are natural that are nonetheless done behind closed doors.  Let these women get their exhibitionist joys using a mirror, not a webcam.  They should be naked only in the eyes of God, not their fellow parishioners.

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