Anti-Trump protesters beat apparent Trump supporter

Black clad thugs, many wearing hoods and masks, catch up to a Trump supporter at a rally in Berkeley yesterday and put a beating on him.

It appears that anti-Trump protesters - many clad in anarchist black - initiated much of the violence.

Needless to say, the press portrayed the riot a little differently.

"These Trump people are here because they want to start things," Jeff Vernon of Berkeley said.

But Stephanie Edd, also of Berkeley, viewed the protest as an attempt "to co-opt the history of free speech."

By midday, Allston Way between Milvia Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way was blocked, as protesters moved from the park to the streets, followed closely by officers. Police urged residents to avoid the area of Center and Miliva streets. Soon the warning extended to include Shattuck Avenue and Center Street.

NBC Bay Area's SkyRanger captured people burning flags — with one man posing for a selfie beside the torched cloth — and others punching each other and using helmets and skateboards as weapons. Demonstrators were also seen tipping over a garbage can and igniting its contents. 

An investigation into Saturday's violence is ongoing. Police are asking the public to submit photos and video of the protests to help them identify additional suspects.

The anarchists are professional rioters while the Trump supporters are ordinary Americans. Who do you believe was responsible for most of the violence?


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