Anti-Trump propaganda masquerading as journalism in the Chicago Tribune

We are at an unprecedented moment in American history, with the Democratic Party and its media allies attempting to remove from office, through an unrelenting propaganda campaign, a president elected only months ago.  Even though there is no “fire” – as in actual evidence of anything wrong – propagandists have long known that enough “smoke” blown over the public time and time again is sufficient to embolden Democrat pols to take action (impeachment) eventually, especially if willing or weak-kneed dupes on the Republican side are cowed by the public’s perception of something wrong.

This Chicago Tribune article, titled “Chicago bank tangled up in intrigue over ex-Trump aide Manafort” and written by Betsey Yerak, is an excellent example of the propagandists’ black arts.

David Kahn writes

This is what passes for news analysis in our current environment. This article is pregnant with the notion that Manafort and the bank did something wrong. But it doesn't even begin to suggest what. This is one of countless articles that are just rife with innuendo. The innuendo is that somebody who is associated with Trump, who knows somebody or worked with somebody who is Russian, or pro Russian, has done something illegal, immoral or otherwise wrong. But none of these articles suggest what it is or what evidence supports it. Except for this innuendo, none of this is newsworthy.

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