An Apology to Donald Trump

Almost a year ago, I published an article on American Thinker arguing that neither Hilary Clinton nor Donald Trump was acceptable as president and suggesting that the Electoral College could save us from them both. I was wrong in that judgment. It is true that Trump is often uncouth and his behavior is not “presidential,” but the first 100 days of his administration have been a revelation. I am now more optimistic about restoring the last best hope of earth than I have been since Ronald Reagan was president. An actor and now a business tycoon seem much more effective than any professional politician. It will take decades to reverse the ratchet to the Left that weak Republicans have permitted for so long. As one of the most important examples, the systematic brainwashing of students from kindergarten to college is a problem whose roots run all the way back to the Wilson administration, a century ago. A nationwide school voucher program would help but is insufficient...(Read Full Post)