After Trump drops the MOAB, the NYT finds a way to praise Obama

President Trump changed the entire calculus of the non-stop war on terror, by dropping a MOAB - the Mother of all Bombs - on the terrorist cave dwellers of eastern Afghanistan.

Incredibly, the New York Times found a way not to praise Trump, but to give more credit to Obama. Get a load of this sophomoric stupidity:

The attack seemed to have a limited purpose and to be less significant than implied by the news coverage that focused principally on the unusually large size of the bomb.

By comparison, under Mr. Obama, the Air Force killed more than 100 Qaeda militants in Syria in the waning hours of his presidency by dropping bombs with no memorable name from B-52 planes.

For them, it's a mathematical numbers game, green eyeshades at all. Reminds me of the Best and Brightest's body counts. Weren't the Best and Brightest drawn from the same gene pool as the New York Times types anyway?

For Trump, it's about something much bigger than body counts: Winning the war on terror. Just as the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki stunned with their ferocious firepower and made the then-enemy government want to surrender for fear of getting more of it, so the MOAB is likely to have the same effect on all the terrorist beasts out there, hiding in their caves and plotting their next murders. Would the self-important minions of the Times understand that? Not from this article.



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