ACLU event gives away their true mentality

I have long believed that the Democrats are the "Party of Imagination," while the Republicans are the "Party of Experience."  Those labels fit better than liberal and conservative.  Democrats govern as if human nature were as they wish it to be.  Republicans understand that human nature will persist in idealistic schemes.  

Here is a bit of evidence that an alternative universe is much on the minds of the left.  Marketers must understand their customers, and successful professional fundraisers are very good at it.

From Kathryn Blackhurst at Lifezette:

The American Civil Liberties Union held a Facebook Live telethon fundraiser Friday dubbed "Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU." The event Friday was billed specifically to raise funds to challenge the president's agenda. The star-studded event included actor Alec Baldwin, actress Amy Poehler, actor Tom Hanks, comedian Tina Fey and comedian Tracy Morgan. But it was the introduction of Chelsea Clinton that raised eyebrows.

 "Ladies and gentlemen – alternate universe current first daughter of the United States," the announcer called out as the daughter of Trump's former rival took the stage.