A new sheriff in town

The world now knows that when it comes to America, it is dealing no longer with an indecisive community organizer, but with a proved business leader who will not dither when bad guys act badly whither.  Our new president just put those bad guys in Syria, North Korea, and Iran on notice that they are definitely screwing around with a different brand of cat from that puss in shorts who played games with little white balls while the real world turned and too frequently burned.

To say that Donald Trump hammered home his message is a bit inadequate when one considers the hammering of several dozen cruise missiles upon the very site from which the Syrian government stores and launches (in crude fashion) the chemical weapons it uses upon its own populace.  Bashar Assad thought he was dealing with a new American president beset with many domestic problems, and likely Bashar felt he could test the limits of chemical warfare without too much fear of serious blowback.

But blowback he got, in the form of several thousand pounds of high explosives directed at his means of inflicting chemical attacks on his own people.  This writing is an early response, so I have no idea as to the extent of damage inflicted on the targeted airbase, but that is immaterial.  What matters is that President Donald Trump reminded the world that America is once again a geopolitical force to be factored into all military planning and all political treachery, especially within the hotbed of religious and political upheaval that is the current Middle East.

What is particularly courageous in Trump's action is his willingness to accept the risk of Russian casualties from the missile attacks and the consequences that could devolve from that hazardous probability.  Yet he was not deterred by that possibility, as was his pusillanimous predecessor, whose skill set was geared more to drawing meaningless red lines than actually being a world leader.

The libs will no doubt scream that this was a reckless endangerment of our place in the world.  Let them scream; let them whimper; let them finally collapse in tears when they see the rest of the world respond positively to an actual American leader, a true world leader, who has that singular quality to lead that their guy was lacking in spades: balls.

There’s a new sheriff in town.