You say boy or girl, Airman, we’re gonna rip off a stripe...

That's certainly the way it looks from this reported edict handed down by as some yet unnamed social justice warrior at high command level in the Air Force.  According to this report from Fox News, the high flyers apparently think they're still doing fruit loops for that clueless fool who sat in the command pilot's seat for the past eight years.  

Fox News says this:

The Air Force fears that words like boy, girl, colonial and blacklist might offend people, according to an email sent to Airmen at Joint Base San Antonio.

And the reality of that is that it might cost them a stripe, a demotion in rank and pay, for nothing more than an inept violation of political correctness.

The Trump administration has to get up to speed on liberal crap like this obvious holdover politically correct directive from whatever blue-suited twinkle-toes still survives and thrives in the upper atmospherics of Air Force command.  Let's toss his kind off the big plane and sans parachute is fine with this old Airborne soldier.  It has to be tempting to the Trump administration to first go after all that loony lesbian, gay baloney that Ray (may his soul sink into and forever tremble in the muck of the darkest, coldest sediment of Earth's deepest oceanic trench) Mabus inflicted upon our honorable Navy with his shameful naming of ships after queers who served without distinction, other than to survive as homosexuals in the hostile environment of a very virile and masculine United States Navy.  But, as this directive should remind Trump's folks, Obama's social justice warriors still permeate the command ranks of all the services, a hard reality that calls for a purge of their unpractical kind. 

General Mattis, we who populate the pages of military internet venues beg you to return our noble military to what it once was: a reasonable representation of a real America, a cross-section of small towns and big cities, rural and urban youth, young people whose political beliefs cover the entire American spectrum, and not a social experimentation program for the Democratic Party.

General Mattis, you must let your NCOs say boy, girl, and all those other politically correct banned words on their way to making responsible adults out of all those confused children liberalism has created.  Please, please, rid us of these embedded social justice warriors who would weaken us as a nation with their social experimentation.  Perhaps then we will once again become the warrior force, the fighting warrior force, which we have mustered for our nation's every call to combat since forming into the clumsy ranks that defeated King George's oh so politically correct forces and made this great nation possible.

Semper Fi!

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