Why the heck should it be a firing offense to talk with the Russians?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in hot water from congressional Democrats and the broader left for...talking to the Russians, while serving as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Yes, it was a question of disclosure to the Senate at confirmation, as their complaint follows.  But what we talking about was a gladhand with a Russian ambassador at the sidelines of a public event that both men were entitled to be at, as if that held the same reporting requirement as an SVR (formerly KGB) recruitment attempt.  Democrats bring up that Sessions was an adviser to the Donald Trump campaign at the time, ignoring that this was a Senate event and that Sessions was serving in a Senate capacity.  But Sessions's very reluctance to speak about it at his Senate confirmation points to problems within the Washington culture itself, which have gotten so bad that even an innocuous conversation with a Russian official is the equivalent of full-blown treason....(Read Full Post)