Washington Post fails to debunk another blatant lie about Israel

The Washington Post published an article entitled "Freed 20 years after slaying of 7 Israeli schoolgirls, Jordanian is hailed as hero" (3/13/17).

The article included a quote by 45-year-old Jordanian shopkeeper Mohammed Youssef saying, "Israelis kill Palestinians by the hundreds every month."  This quote was given to justify – yes, justify – why Jordanians believe that mass murderer Ahmed Daqamseh was a hero.

The claim itself is 100% absolutely false.  So with the Washington Post's investigative nature, why wouldn't they at least put a disclaimer that Jordanians are brainwashed into believing that Israelis are killing Palestinians by the hundreds each month?  And that this aids in their warped view that a murderer of schoolgirls is therefore a hero!

The Washington Post knows this and not only posts the libelous comment, but remains silent in not challenging it – or better yet, debunking it!  How are their readers supposed to know the truth?

Throughout the world, violence is inflicted on Jews and Israelis interchangeably – each is viewed as the same as the other.  With all the threats against Israelis and Jews worldwide, with the desecration of Jewish cemeteries throughout America, and with all the bomb threats in multiple states, where Jewish community centers are being targeted, why would the Post give credence to the libel that Israelis are killing Palestinians by the hundreds each month?  If the Jordanian quoted viewed it as justification for killing Israelis, then why wouldn’t others who learn this from reading the Post also believe this justification to be true and even valid?

With this, the Washington Post is complicit in and guilty of incitement to those seeking ammunition for their Jew-hatred and Israeli-hatred, which has too many times ended in bloodshed and murder.

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