Trump ralliers violently attacked

A "Make America Great Again" rally in Huntingdon Beach, California was disrupted by black-clad anti-Trump protesters on Saturday when a masked  counterprotester doused pro-Trump demonstrators with pepper spray.

The rally quickly turned violent as the pro-Trump crowd sought to protect themselves from the onslaught.

Los Angeles Times:

The anti-Trump protester, dressed in all black and wearing a mask, attacked an organizer of the event, Jennifer Sterling, and other members of the march with the irritant, causing a group of marchers to tackle the masked man, punching and kicking him.

The use of pepper spray was confirmed by California State Parks Capt. Kevin Pearsall.

The masked man was able to regain his footing and backpedaled as a group of flag-bearing marchers trailed him. He fled by jumping over the fence that separates the lot from Pacific Coast Highway but was quickly detained by California Highway Patrol officers.

Pearsall said the masked man had been arrested along with two other male counterprotesters on suspicion of illegal use of pepper spray. Pearsall said a female counterprotester also was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery.

Travis Guenther, whose wife was also pepper-sprayed, said he was among those who chased the masked man. He hit him with a flag that read "Trump, Make America Great Again."

"I hit him five times with the flag over his head," said Guenther, who yelled at the man as the man was detained by law enforcement officials.

"We're not xenophobic," Guenther said. "We're not racist. We're just proud Americans."

Ray Evans, 55, of Westminster said he was trying to wrest a stick from a counterprotester who was using it as a weapon when he was pepper-sprayed by a woman.

State Parks officers gave Evans water to clear the spray from his eyes, which he struggled to keep open.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed racist violence on Donald Trump, saying he has created a "dynamic of hate" in America.

Let him come to Huntingdon Beach. There, he will witness first hand the real "dynamic of hate" - the deliberate incitement of violence toward ordinary people by exaggerating, lying, hysterical leftists. Peaceful pro-Trump protesters have not created this dynamic. The violence against Trump supporters was carefully planned and designed to goad the pro-Trump rally goers into violently reacting to the physical provocations of the left.

It didn't work out quite the way they planned it.