Two groups of ladies dressed in white

Over the last couple of years, we've introduced you to "Las Damas en Blanco," or "The Ladies in White," who stand up to the Castro dictatorship daily.  They march on Sundays after calling for the release of their husbands and sons in political prisons.  They are courageous women fighting for human rights in a society that does not respect any.  Where are Hollywoodies talking about repression when we really need them?

Last night, a number of Democrat female members of the House and Senate decided to dress in white to recall the suffragettes of a century ago.  It caught the attention of Daniel Allott:

The Democratic congresswomen dressed in white as an emblem of support for their definition of "women's rights" – abortion, equal pay and the like. 

The protest is seen as a form or resistance to Trump's presidency and presumably a nod to the women's suffrage movement, which urged women to dress in white as a symbol of purity.

Quick question: How would the suffragettes react to women who equate  women's rights with abortion?  As for equal pay, we already have those laws on the books.  In fact, they should have dressed in white when they visited President Obama.  It turns out that "equal pay for women" was a problem for the Obama team.

Unlike Las Damas in Cuba, the Democrat women enjoy a few advantages:

1) They got to sit and criticize the president's speech.  Las Damas in Cuba don't get to boo or disagree with Raúl Castro when he speaks.

2) The Democrat women got to run out of the speech and look for local reporters willing to broadcast their anti-Trump comments.  We repeat that Las Damas face thugs and the secret police harassing them every Sunday afternoon.

Of course, we live in a free country, and that means, among many things, that we have the right to make fools of ourselves.

Nevertheless, the Democrats may want to reconsider their foolish approach to Trump.  It seems that most Americans are done with the campaign and would like to see a genuine effort in governing, not partisanship.

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