Trump's speech, viewed with anti-Trump Democrats

President Donald Trump hit a home run while addressing Congress yesterday.  He delivered a well crafted policy statement that stayed true to his campaign.  He will alter his immigration plans to allow the "Dreamers" some leeway for future American residency.  He might even consider a plan that allows illegal residents with clean records employment status, without any citizenship.  Undoubtedly, Democratic leaders will reject this as they seek additional votes.  But Trump has shown how the "art of the deal" begins with an opening gambit.  All in all, he gave a speech that reiterated his campaign promises.

To the Democrats with whom I watched the speech, this was a totally different person.  They could not recognize the lack of "hate" they felt during the campaign.  I suspect that they rarely listened to an uninterrupted hour-long speech from Trump before.  At first, the anger was palpable, but with time, the speech overwhelmed them.  I almost felt sorry for them.  They, like the Democrat politicians in Congress, had to sit and listen to this speech and wonder how to respond.  In the end, they hoped Trump's rhetoric would come to fruition.  

This is amazing progress.  Yes, they still hate Trump.  But if his speech is received by the nation positively, then there is hope for our nation.

The review on CNN was almost shocking.  They could not find much to question.  On Fox, the jubilation was significant.  They all recognized that Trump has a comprehensive vision for our nation.  He sees economic prosperity as allowing many choices for our people.  He sees neighborhood safety as essential for our youth and future.  He wants a unified goal of enriching all Americans with education and a skill set that provides adequate incomes for the future.  Trump wants a strong and dominant military that prevents wars and wins those it fights.  He wants our veterans protected and remembered. 

Trump seeks an efficient government with reduced interference in our daily lives.  He began the process of reducing regulatory control.  He has argued for federalism and the return of powers our founders gave to the states.  It appears that he also endorsed the Paul Ryan approach to reforming Obamacare.  With success (and against the Democrats, who would love to establish a single-payer system), businesses and individuals would find innovative insurance plans that will provide health care that meets the needs of consumers. 

Some question top White House adviser Steve Bannon's role, but it is clear that he helps frame the ideological statement for the president in concise terms, as he did at CPAC. 

Today, the White House must begin the process of enacting the legislation needed to change the national trajectory.  If Trump restores faith in capitalism and reduced national interference in our daily activities, then his will be a successful administration.  He needs the congressional help of leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and we can only hope they will deliver. 

Trump's opening injected a sense of unity and concern for those besieged by bigotry and hatred.  He reminded us that we soon will celebrate our 250th anniversary.  He has promised a better future for all our citizens.  His success will be our success.  Godspeed!

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