Trump's speech exposes the sickness of the Democratic Party

While piddling around in my workshop, I heard this sound bite on the radio of Trump talking about his upcoming speech to Congress that evening.

President Trump said, "All I can do is speak from the heart and say what I want to do."  I thought, "Wow, what a concept."  Involved as an activist in the business of politics since 2008, I can tell you that Trump has been a laughingstock in the political arena ever since he announced he was running for the presidency.

Look at this clown.  He doesn't behave like a politician.  He doesn't even know how to speak like a professional politician.  No, Trump is just a guy who does not talk down to us and does not ramble on and on.  In the black hood where I come from, we called it jive.  Obama was a masterful jive talker.

Folks, I relate to Trump because I do not know how to sound smart the way liberals do while advocating insane, evil, and ungodly nonsense.  My dad is a preacher.  My late mom was a domestic worker.  They taught all five of their kids to trust God, be responsible, work hard, and always try to do the right thing.  Thus, I do not know how to sound like a politician.  My instincts are to look people in the eye, speak from the heart, and tell the truth.

Trump's down-to-earth, straight-talk nature is exactly why 60-something million Americans have bonded with him.  Meanwhile, political snobs and fake news media still do not get it.  The political establishment, Obama's army of domestic terrorists, and fake news media will continue using their standard tried and true tactics to destroy Trump.  They will fail.

Watching Trump address Congress, it struck me: "Oh my gosh – every common sense thing Trump says he intends to do beneficial to America is vehemently opposed by the Democrats."  What on Earth has happened to my dad's Democratic Party?  My fellow Americans, our greatest threat is not ISIS.  It is the Democratic Party.

Here are just a few Trump putting America first promises that have enraged Democrats launching a scorched earth policy to stop him.

"A new national pride is sweeping across our nation."  Democrat-controlled public schools have been teaching our kids that patriotism is racist

"All the nations of the world – friend or foe – will find that America is strong, America is proud, and America is free."  Remember Obama touring the world, apologizing for our greatness?

"We've financed and built one global project after another, but ignored the fates of our children in the inner cities of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit – and so many other places throughout our land."  As an American who happens to be black, it baffled me for years why black Democrats seemed content with cities they control like Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit becoming hellholes of black poverty and black-on-black crime.  Then it dawned on me.  Democrat blacks are not black.  They are first and foremost liberals who seek power via government control and dependency.

"We've defended the borders of other nations, while leaving our own borders wide open, for anyone to cross – and for drugs to pour in at a now unprecedented rate."  Democrats believe that America is too white.  They want open borders to attract future Democratic voters of color.

"Our military will be given the resources its brave warriors so richly deserve."  The Democratic Party leadership are old hippies, flower children who hate our military and guns.

"We have begun to drain the swamp of government corruption by imposing a five-year ban on lobbying by executive branch officials – and a lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists for a foreign government."  Folks, taking the power away from the D.C. cartel and giving it back to We the People, as our Founders intended, has Trump atop the excrement list of both political parties.

"We have withdrawn the United States from the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership."  Democrats hate this.  Who do we think we are?

"[M]y administration has answered the pleas of the American people for immigration enforcement and border security.  By finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions of dollars, and make our communities safer for everyone.  We want all Americans to succeed – but that can't happen in an environment of lawless chaos.  We must restore integrity and the rule of law to our borders."  Folks, Democrats say screw the law, screw jobs, and screw national security.  They want as many unskilled government-dependent illegals flooding across our borders as possible.  Obama spent a whopping $113 billion, $1,117 each, settling illegals into our country, priming them to become Democrat voters. 

We've heard much about Trump's narcissism.  Call me crazy, because I don't see that when I watch and hear him speak.  I see a man aware and humbled by the job placed upon his shoulders, committed to getting it done – committed to keeping his campaign promises, committed to making America great again.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist


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