Trump's speech and our infantile left

Tuesday's address to a joint session of Congress was without a doubt the best speech President Donald Trump has ever given, perhaps the best speech to a joint session of Congress since the great Ronald Reagan.  But who could watch it and not be embarrassed by our infantile, bitter left?

It was uplifting, optimistic, full of unifying words, and obvious to everyone.  The pathetic exception was the Democrats in Congress.  And those were the ones who did not boycott the event. 

Like spoiled children who had not gotten their way, they refused to applaud at the most obvious good-for-the-country lines.  In fact, they were like a clique of mean girls in middle school who have decided to target one of their own.  

They knew that what they were hearing was monumental and good for the nation.  But consumed in schoolyard jealousy, they got angry, not glad.  In doing so, they showed no intention of working with President Trump.  They are still scrambling and planning to sabotage him any way they can.

They proved one thing: they do not have America's best interest at heart.

Is there any member of Congress more horrid than Nancy Pelosi?  Her "we're all wearing white and purple to protest Trump" nonsense means...what?  She rolled her eyes; snickered to her seatmates like an ill mannered child; and, of course, refused to stand and applaud, no matter how positive Trump's words.

The Democrats would not applaud or stand when he spoke of government ignorance of the criminal decimation of Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit.  They would not applaud when he spoke of protecting American citizens by securing our borders.  They would not applaud when he spoke about the companies who have promised to invest billions in U.S. manufacturing, which will provide thousands of new jobs, or when he spoke about de-regulating business to unleash the economy.  They do not want the economy unleashed; it would expose the dismal failure of the eight-year Obama administration. 

The Democrats also refused to approve of his call to enforce our immigration laws.  These leftists favor illegal immigrants over American citizens, which is why they institute sanctuary cities.  They do not distinguish between the criminals among them and those who commit no crimes.  To the left, they are all the same.  Yet to normal Americans, they are not. 

Nor do our elected Democrats aim to protect and defend the citizens of the United States.  They oppose the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" despite the graphic, barbaric actions of ISIS.  They do not approve of "extreme vetting" to keep potential terrorists out of America.  They would not even applaud Trump's stated allegiance to and alliance with Israel!  Who are these people?  By two thirds of the way through the speech, it began to seem as though they were enemies of America.  Schumer stared into his lap.  Steny Hoyer was stone-faced.  None of them could applaud Scalia or his proposed replacement, Neil Gorsuch.  

Perhaps the deplorable behavior of the Democrats throughout the speech was shame.  There are 94 million people out of work, 43 million living in poverty, and 43 million on food stamps.  This is Obama's legacy.  He transformed America into something it was never meant to be.  Iran is building its nukes.  Cuba is still a communist nightmare.  The Middle East is the seventh circle of hell.  They should be embarrassed by these facts.  Poverty has increased.  Crime has increased.  Maybe that is why they stare at their laps and do not clap.  They all know that Obamacare is collapsing but cannot cheer Trump's plan to repeal and replace it with something that is affordable and actually provides health care. 

The Democrats booed Trump's new agency, VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement).  God forbid the public should be informed about the tragedies inflicted on innocent Americans by criminal illegals. 

And we all know that the left hates the military, so of course the Democrats sat on their hands as Trump spoke of increasing defense spending.  Rebuilding our military after Obama's evisceration of it is anathema to the Democrats in Congress.  They seem to loathe any and all methods of self-defense, be it national or individual.  Such has been the state of the nation for the last eight years.

For those who initially thought Trump to be comic relief, those who were stunned by his candidacy and his victory, this speech must be a systemic shock; the man is presidential after all.  Let us hope they admit it and readjust their antipathy to something nearing acceptance.

Democrats, let the man do his job and get behind him.  And one more thing, Democrats: grow up!  You're all too old to behave as you did tonight.

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