Trump upsets another special interest group: Porn addicts

The Trump administration has made life miserable for yet another special-interest group: porn-watching perverts "working" at federal agencies.

RT reports:

A House committee on oversight has approved prohibiting federal employees from using government computers and devices to watch pornography on the job.

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee unanimously approved House Resolution 680, entitled the "Eliminating Pornography from Agencies Act."

The legislation, sponsored by Congressman Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina), would require the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to issue new guidelines within 90 days to "prohibit the access of a pornographic or other explicit web site from a Federal computer."

Rep. Meadows has tried to get this legislation through three times, given all the disgusting stories he's heard of federal employees spending their working hours looking at filth on the internet instead of doing their work and answering citizen phone calls.  What's more, these one-hand losers can't even be fired.  With President Trump now in office, apparently, the political atmosphere has improved, and the bill is moving through for another try.

Those in favor cited the theft of time and the hostile work environment for women.  Those are perfectly valid reasons.  But there probably are more.

Porn is a favorite means of hackers to draw clicks for assorted phishing expeditions to steal data.  It was just such a phishing expedition, albeit not from porn, that enabled some sort of hackers to expose the emails of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, which has led to countless brouhahas still not spent out even today.

The federal government, in fact, has seen some ferocious hacks in recent years, including the 2015 Office of Personnel Management attack, which exposed at least 21 million people's data to hackers.  All of these hacks came from some Achilles heel, and porn-viewing is very likely a possibility.  In 2016 alone, federal agencies were hacked 31,000 times, according to a new report.  Sixteen of those incidents were classified as major.  If the House, the Senate, and Trump can work together to stop this porn activity, it's likely that hack attacks on federal databases will become that much less prevalent.

Here's another thing: terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda love porn sites for disguising entries to their own nefarious websites.  Once, when I had to look up an al-Qaeda website, I learned that it was encased in dozens of porno pervert sites that threatened my computer.  I had to go to Insite or one of the al-Qaeda-hunting sites instead due to the security issues.  If a federal employee is looking at porn, well, he may be one of the people hired during the Obama era who could be called the terrorist-American community.

What's astonishing is that none of Meadows's attempts has been successful in stopping federal workers from releasing their inner pervert on the taxpayer dime.  Did the Obama administration want these agencies to tolerate these losers as some sort of "perk"?  It's inconceivable that the Trump administration would not be supportive of such a bill, given the excellence President Trump demands of his lieutenants.

It might just solve a whole lot of problems at once.

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