Trump goes a tweet too far?

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As a Trump supporter, it's hard not to cringe at times when the new president tweets out a message.  But what he tweeted on Sunday morning sent a feeling of deep dread that the man had gone a tweet too far.

Trump's short political history shows that he has an uncanny knack for completely destroying a positive political moment because he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.  It's amazing to me that he has made it this far in the wake of this propensity.

President Trump's Sunday-morning tweets were a total disaster.  Rather than helping quell this negative "Russian hacking" political situation, President Trump again compounded the problem with his Sunday-morning tweet storm.  It seems that Trump has no filter when it comes to responding to negative political situations, and his Sunday-morning tweets openly accusing a former president of personally wiretapping his phone prove this point.

The whole "Russia hacking the election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign team" was well on its way to unraveling as the facts continued to come out.  Congressional leaders said the facts showed no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and recent polls indicated that a large majority of Americans had become tired of the issue and were actually supporting President Trump in the matter.

Coming off a well received speech before Congress that garnered bipartisan support and glowing polls from the public, President Trump seemed to be in the political driver's seat.  And even with the A.G. Sessions flap, Trump was still cruising on easy street.  This brings us back to the big question: why did President Trump decide to accuse Obama of wiretapping his phones when all he had to do was simply point to evidence that indicated that his campaign may have been bugged and ask for a congressional investigation into the matter?

I am now convinced that while President Trump shows flashes of political brilliance, he also shows flashes of political stupidity.

President Trump must now live with what he has tweeted, and there doesn't seem to be any scenario, short of an Obama confession, that would vindicate his words.  This may not end well for the president.

Unfortunately, President Trump just learned the hard way that there are no take-backs in politics.