Trump EPA revisions force enviros to confront mental illness

President Trump's revisions to the EPA's global warming regulations, which killed jobs and had no basis in science, have created a crisis of faith in the environmentalist community. Gina McCarthy, a former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, called it a "dangerous," [sic] order that flies "in the face of EPA's mission." "They want us to travel back to when smokestacks damaged our health and polluted our air, instead of taking every opportunity to support clean jobs of the future," McCarthy said in a statement. "This is not just dangerous; it's embarrassing to us and our businesses on a global scale to be dismissing opportunities for new technologies, economic growth, and US leadership." Embarrassed?  What an odd choice of words.  Even if true, does a lack of economic growth or new technology embarrass people?  No. Embarrassment refers to a deep personal shame, as happens...(Read Full Post)