Time for Trump to go nuclear on fake news media

It's obvious that the liberal media have gone nuclear in their attempt to destroy President Trump with relentless attacks of fake news reports about a fabricated Russian-Trump connection to influence the election.

Breitbart recently reported that President Trump is "sick of media's Russia narrative."  If these fake news attacks have driven President Trump to this point, then he should seriously consider fighting fire with fire and going nuclear to defend himself and his administration against the liberal media's relentless fake news assault.  The fact is, at this point, Trump's fighting back with Twitter bombs is about as effective at throwing rocks at tanks.

President Trump needs to take advantage of his position as president and use the full power of his office, and the rule of law, to hit the fake news media where they are the weakest and most vulnerable: with the facts.

The best nuclear option would be for President Trump to lift his self-imposed moratorium against pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton regarding her private server, emails, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton campaign's collusion with the DNC to fix the primary against Bernie Sanders.  Trump's plan to go after a failed presidential candidate, especially when he said he would not, will be seen and reported by the liberal media and Democrats as beyond the pale for a sitting president.  Be that as it may, this might be the only way President Trump can win the war waged against him and his administration by the fake news media and the Democratic Party.

During a debate with Hillary, Donald Trump said he would direct his attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to fully investigate her activities.  But after he won the election, President-Elect Trump made it clear he would not investigate Hillary Clinton further, citing that the Clintons are "good people" and that they have "been through enough."

Well, maybe it's now beginning dawn on President Trump that the Clintons are not really "good people," especially when they have a political score to settle.  And losing an election Hillary was supposed to win hands down to none other than Donald J. Trump makes for a major score that needs to be settled.

President Trump's attempt to bury the hatchet by dropping further investigations against Hillary Clinton has only allowed her to settle the score with impunity.  Instead of accepting Trump's offer to bury the hatchet, Hillary picked up the hatchet and is using it to chop President Trump and his administration into pieces.

Do not be deceived: Hillary Clinton will not go quietly into the night.  Maybe Bill has had enough and is ready to retire, but as long as Hillary can take a breath, she and her surrogates will seek revenge and never give up.

Hillary is strategically moving back into the political public eye.  Recently, speaking at a St. Patrick's Day women's gathering, Hillary told a crowd of her supporters, "I'm like a lot of my friends right now.  I have a hard time watching the news, I'll confess.  I am ready to come out of the woods and to help shine a light on what is already happening around kitchen tables, at dinners like this."  What Hillary really means by "come out of the woods" and "help shine a light" is that she is about to re-emerge on the political scene as a leader and voice of the anti-Trump movement.  The liberal media are on board with Hillary's strategy by helping spread the rumor that Hillary may run for mayor of NYC.  Interestingly, recent polls show that Hillary would easily beat current mayor Bill de Blasio.  And what better place than NYC for Hillary to launch her "comeback" than the biggest and most liberal city in America, which happens to be the home of President Donald Trump?

Make no mistake: the liberal media want revenge on President Trump as bad as Hillary does for what he did to "their" champion – stealing the election from the rightful winner.  The liberal media will not relent until the hatchet is buried deep into the back of President Trump and Hillary is standing triumphantly on his political grave.

President Trump's ultimate goal in this nuclear option is to unmask the liberal media's bias by exposing the mountain of already confirmed facts about Hillary's illegal activities.  This will present a clear distinction between the media's fake news reports of a Russia-Trump connection and the real news about every aspect of the Clinton political machine.

If President Trump chooses to do this, it will be very interesting to see how the liberal news reports on real illegal activities when it comes to their beloved Hillary Clinton.