They are all Maxine Waters now...

President Trump and his wife gave a party for the Senate Tuesday night, and 28 of the Senate Democrats could not be bothered to attend.  The entertainment at the event was presented by the U.S. Army Chorus and the U.S. Marine Band.  But they just wouldn't come.

This is the crossroads to which the Democrats in Congress have arrived.  As Al Pacino says at the end of Scent of a Woman:

Now I have come to the crossroads in my life.  I always knew what the right path was without exception, I knew.  But I never took it.  You know why?  It was too damn hard.

Apparently, there are 28 Democrats in the Senate for whom the right path is too damn hard.  Could these men and women be any more childish?  They are all Maxine Waters now.  Rep. Waters has vowed to boycott any event, meeting, or ceremony with Trump in attendance.  Rep. Waters is the jealous middle school mean girl who likes to gang up on the student body president.  Of course, everyone with a brain sees her for what she is: a woman so handicapped by vituperation and self-aggrandizement that she has become a joke.  She may be a heroine to ignorant Millennials for her anti-Trumpism, but that just proves their constitutional and political illiteracy. 

The inability of almost everyone on the left to accept Trump's victory seems to prove that progressives and liberals, especially those in Congress and the media, are all Peter Pans; they've never grown up.  They can function only when they get their way.  When the tide turns against them, they behave badly.  They act out, like errant children with overly indulgent parents – children who have a tantrum when they don't get ice cream when they want it.

That 28 of the Senate Democrats refused to appear at a White House event in their honor is reprehensible.  Their tantrum may play well with the snowflakes on university campuses, but it is embarrassing to all sentient adults.  It should be embarrassing to every member of Congress.

So who were the no-shows?  The usual suspects: Patty Murray, Elizabeth Warren, Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Richard Blumenthal, Ron Wyden, Benjamin Cardin, to name a few.

Is anyone surprised that these partisan hacks loved rejecting the invitation?  Of course not.  They are the perennial children of the Senate, those who care nothing for their constituents, the Constitution, or our representative republic and only for their own position and power – the absolute adherence to their progressive ideology.  They cannot abide not being in the majority.  They cannot accept that they lost the election they were so confident was theirs to win.

That these senators refused to attend an event honoring the Senate and the Army Chorus and the Marine Band is beyond pathetic.  It is downright unpatriotic.  Waters, on the floor of the House Monday night, accused anyone who supports Trump of being unpatriotic.  It matters not to her that he won the election fair and square, no matter what the Russia-hacked-the-election crowd chooses to believe.  The woman is a menace to society, especially since her vicious anti-Trump rantings have won her a following among the benighted.

Maxine Waters is a poster child for term limits, and she's not the only one.  When 28 Democrats think it is to their political benefit, a résumé-enhancer, to so openly disrespect the duly elected president of the United States, we have a serious character problem in the Democratic Party.  This was evident throughout the presidential campaign.  They suffer from a form of insanity: they actually believe they are the only ones fit to lead this great nation.  But it is these selfsame Democrats who have brought the country to its knees on every metric: economic, cultural, racial, political.

It is time for these vainglorious dilettantes to slouch back to their districts and grow up.  But they won't.

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