The Donald's 'The Signature': A handwriting analysis

Seven  years ago, in these pages, we analyzed the handwriting of the then president, Barack Hussein O., and a few other politicians in the public eye.  We found Barack's  cursive John Hancock to be overblown, massively egotistic, unyielding, unresponsive to other views, tremendously fond of himself and few others.

The tide changes.  Mercifully.  Donald J. Trump is in the White House now, after the tenure of what some call the worst president in the nation's nearly 250-year history.

We didn't have to work very hard to parse President Trump's declaratively "aggressive" signature.

His sharp, unyielding scratch is interesting for handwriting analysis.  There are no soft, rounded curves anywhere in the barbed-wire affect of this thick, visceral stamp.  Yet it is grounded, not flying off into the never-never.  It is not a crybaby, self-pitying signature seen in recent chief executives fond of dismantling the country, section by section, military to international onetime prestige to local police to Middle East hegemony.

The very choice of pen, and the thickness of the letters of this moniker, indicate huge passion, strong feeling, and an assertive ego that does not brook contretemps or negation.

All of this, we are seeing on a daily basis, is crucial for successful countermanding the daily assaults from the loser component of the two-party arrangement of the country.

While every portion of Donald J. Trump on paper is a bristling point and shoot, in a sense, what is missed is the amazing drive that does not end in a dribble or flinch flourish.  Many signatures of public or famous personalities end in a meandering, trailing horizontal line off to the right,  making readers guess at the terminus of a name at the bottom of letters, acknowledgments, articles, gifts, or warrants.

Not Donald Trump – Master Builder and, now, after a lifetime of achievements in business throughout the globe, President of the United States.

The strength of character needed to sign that signature is no accident of diet or last night's snooze-time.  (Not that this president seems to sleep at all, given his  workaholism, tweet tropism, and attention to media.)  Given Olympic opposition in obtaining building permits and licensing opposition in country after country – no less than in the regulation-strangled U.S. – Mr. Trump has bulled his way through thickets that defeated many a lesser entrepreneur.

He brings to the White House that same optimism and confidence in himself.  Like him or not, this is a man not given to shilly-shallying or ditheration.  Those of us who despairingly feared a Hillary Clinton win, who voted  strongly for a would-be champion, now see that this man, never a pol by a long shot, and with a shelf of curious animadversions and quirks, does not fall with the  hurricane-force gales of the senators Schumer and Graham, et al.  He stands firm behind his people, as befits good bosses and strong leaders.  He chooses cautiously, then makes his move.

The signature of Donald J. Trump comforts those of us fearful that dubious puppeteer moneymen and their billions – joined by former president BHO, bizarrely now living with former top counsel, aka Iranian Valerie Jarrett, and scurrilous unindicted ex-A.G. Eric Holder and affiliated loyalist hangers on – might topple this unusual leader, no matter his strong support in most of the country unafflicted with Derangement Syndrome.

Trump on paper, a flaring, narrative chop that indicates formidable physical energy, carries through from start to finish, with massive force, undeterred by margins, paper weight, obstructions.  He has – as many have noted – a counterpunching heavyweight crown, just about.  This is not a man to trifle with, as the country, and the astonishingly unhelpful liberals and scoundrels of the distaff side, are learning.

The signature Trump stabs out in unflinching Mach 3 is not one to easily dismiss.  He won against large odds, antithetical solid-wall media (Recent surveys found that only 3% of certain outlets' news reports are favorable to the new president. Three percent!), entertainment, the two oppositional coasts.  We needed such a force to prevail over the sinking of the ship of state.  DJT prevailed.  His colossus of a signature (underlining his basic essence and characterological strength) imperturbably prevails, no matter the barracuda gallery arrayed against him.  And us.

Trump's debut presentation to the Congress in late February surprised supporters and foes alike in its vision, its encompassing goals, and even its statesmanlike presidential delivery, dousing the mean-spirited hopes of the obstructionist Demi-moiety that refuses to accept reality and this Constitutional, duly won dominion.

We need every millimeter and Mont Blanc penstroke of that energy to achieve the targets and necessities laid out for this critical corrective tenure.