The ‘Big If’: What crimes could Obama potentially be charged with?

Yes, it is way too soon to start counting-up indictments that former President Obama could face. We know absolutely nothing about the evidence President Trump relied upon in his Twitter accusations, nor do we know of enough specifics. Still, we get to have fun once in a while, don’t we? Robert Barnes, a trial attorney, expresses all the expected caveats about the paucity of information, and then the laws that may have been broken. From Lawnewz: Rather shockingly, no law currently forbids misusing the power of the presidency to spy on one’s adversaries. What the law does forbid is lying to any judicial officer to obtain any means of surveillance. What the law does forbid, under criminal penalty, is the misuse of FISA. Both derive from the protections of the Fourth Amendment itself. Under section 1809, FISA makes it a crime for anyone to either “engage in” electronic surveillance under “color of law” under FISA without following the...(Read Full Post)