The 60 vote problem has to be solved

We are told that without 60 votes in the Senate, we cannot pass new health care legislation, so the only practical course is to accept the limited changes to Obamacare possible through “reconciliation.”   

Then there is the father of all lies.  We are told not to worry about how bad this bill is, there will be phase 2, and after that, phase 3 – and then President Trump will keep his promises on health care.

See the shell game here?   If we can’t get 60 votes to pass a good repeal and replace now, why will we be able to get 60 votes later?  If Phase 2 and Phase 3 are possible, let’s skip the Obamacare Lite phase and get the promises met now.

 It’s a bigger problem than health care reform.  If Republicans can’t get a single piece of any sort of legislation passed without 60 votes, none of Trump’s agenda will be passed.  Folks, we’re not going to get unanimity from Republicans on every bill plus 8 Democrats voting with us. 

The sixty vote problem has to be solved.

The sixty vote requirement is not in the Constitution.   It’s just a Senate rule.  A rule that McConnell refuses to question.  A rule that will destroy the Trump Presidency more thoroughly than Obama and the Deep State.