Take that, Barry. Turnabout is fair play.

Senator Schumer, do you disavow any knowledge of wiretappings of Trump offices?

Representative Pelosi, do you disavow any knowledge of wiretappings of Trump offices?

Wouldn't we love to see the twisting, the facial expressions, the stammering from these two as their careers flash before their eyes as they search for the proper response?

If turnabout is fair play, let the fair play begin.  The game of forcing the Trump people to prove the negative – i.e., that there was no collusion between Trump people and the Russians regarding campaign and election interference – can now be turned onto the Democrats.

Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer, prove to us that there was no tapping of the Trump offices.  Maybe there should be a special investigation.  What do you think?

One wonders if MSNBC or the like will even pick up this Trump accusation of nefarious wiretapping by political enemies, one of whom just might be the former president.  Regardless, the Democrats are having their shenanigans met by forces with which they are apparently unfamiliar.  Trump and his people will not go down and roll over as a Bush or a Romney might.  There is no quit in Trump or Bannon, and the change is welcomed.

So now we wait to see the side spin put on the Trump counter-accusation by the New York Times and CNN.  Likely it will be laughingly mentioned.  But throwing this back in the lap of the Democrats, putting them in the "prove it didn't happen" boat, will be fun to watch.  Sadly, it may affect the agendas of the Trump administration.