So Obama shut Comey up about the Russians...

The Daily Caller, citing a report in Newsweek, reports that FBI director James Comey pleaded with the Obama national security team to allow him to publish an editorial he wrote about the potential for Russian meddling in the U.S. election back in 2013.  He was dismissed as a pipsqueak with nothing of importance to say by the Obama bigshots.

According to the report:

"The White House shut it down," one source told the magazine of Comey's op-ed offer. "They did their usual – nothing."

If so, it sounds like the Obama team we know – Secretary of State John Kerry, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, national security adviser Susan Rice, and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.  Most of them in one way or another treated their stewardship over the national interest as subordinate to their Democratic Party's fortunes.  An editorial on Russian meddling?  What could the political gain be in that?  Particularly since at the time, they were all in for a foreign policy of appeasement of Russia and thought Vladimir Putin was in their tree.  Even though Comey already had the whole thing written, they told him to beat it.

After all, less than a year earlier, President Obama had mocked then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his Russian meddling concerns, quipping the one-liner: "The eighties called.  They want their foreign policy back."

It just goes to show that up until Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, Democrats cared very little for any potential Russian meddling, let alone securing America's secrets.  Clinton kept the top-secret communications of the State Department on an illegal private server in some guy's bathroom, while Ben Rhodes functioned as a deputy national security adviser but apparently couldn't get a security clearance.  In both cases, the reasons were political: Clinton was willing to endanger national security for the sake of keeping her communications secret from the prying eyes of Republicans.  Rhodes was a hipsterly political operative with a creative writing degree and a well connected brother leading CBS, who wormed his way into the national security establishment because of his "mind meld" with President Obama.  Russians and American secrets be damned.

Now that Clinton's lost, they have changed their tune and are sudden converts, with feigned hypersensitivity to Russian meddling and guarding America's secrets.  Don't believe them.  They're still just mad that Clinton lost the election and still want to blame everyone but themselves.

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