Ryancare: Death panels are still in the bill

I have loudly insisted about Obamacare in the past that "death panels are in the bill."  Besides being a runaway cost extravaganza, the chief problem of Obamacare is that it kills people on purpose.  And that has historically animated the social conservative opposition to the labyrinth.

The central question about repeal, then, remains: will the doctor be allowed to kill you now?  In all the fight about money, life matters more.

History recalls that the Nazis began the killing with doctors, and we must be vigilant to oppose the growth of such malignancy.  Government-motivated killing is always a danger when powerful oligarchs view you simply as a cost-benefit number in a spreadsheet.  Nazi accounting was a question of mass production, and that spawned the concentration camps, when the killing exceeded capacities of the hospitals.  Conservatives must remember history and fight its repetition in the present.  "Never forget."

In 2017, it is a complete outrage, but no surprise, that there is no repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board in the Ryan bill.  Blame can easily be shifted: the death panels are Obama's fault; Ryan just failed to repeal them; he was so well intentioned. 

But if Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, and D.J. Trump do not believe that death panels still animate the populace, they ought to see their doctors.  The government and media polarizing the public over the issue is insufficient to compensate for bureaucrats trying to kill the expensive or the uppity, and the public demands protection for the innocent, not the cost-cutting of someone's life.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is the most prominent of the government death panels in Obamacare.  Liberals intuit the Pavlovian signal to denounce conservatives whenever a Republican signal goes up that the IPAB even exists.  Democrats prefer that Americans be ignorant of America's elitist hemlock-for-others society.

But just as the Kevorkian-party is always running out of other people's money, it is always running out of other people's hemlock as well.  Chirpy conservatives are always announcing the existence of IPAB despite being firmly instructed that IPAB doesn't exist.  Democrats explain that IPAB cannot possibly exist because Sarah Palin knows that it exists.  But while Democrats denounce Republicans for claiming that the sun comes up in the East (clearly a racist statement), liberals run panicked editorials demanding that IPAB must be preserved.  This is how the game is played; polarize the target.

You will notice that the repeal bill that conservatives wanted to have, which was voted on many times and sent to Obama, is not the repeal bill that you actually get now.  The repeal bills sent to Obama – where Ryan knew it was safe from ever getting signed – claimed to do helpful things like eliminate the death panels.  Other House proposals that form part of the upcoming legislation are mere lozenges given to throat cancer patients – low-cost government flavor.

Will the surgical removal of all death panels be in the final operation?  The first iteration of the Ryan bill keeps IPAB alive and killing.  It won't be impeded unless the social conservatives demand full stop.  Ryan, et al. pretend they can do none of the things you prefer because budget reconciliation restricts them, but Cruz, et al. have pointed out that Vice President Pence holds the power to decide what legislation falls under the rubric of budget reconciliation.  And so Ryan is lying to you.

You have to call all the radio shows and your congressmen.  Demonstrate in the Capitol rotunda with this: we demand the four "thou shalt not murder" rules.

1)  No death panels.  No Independent Payment Advisory Board, or any other renamed, factory-reconditioned similar high-tech murder committee.  No rebranding genocide.  (No killing Grandma.)

2) Care cannot be cut off so long as one caregiver sees merit.  This means care can't be cut off by a doctor, by a hospital, or by a malevolent family member or guardian.  The rule must be that care shall defer to the family member, guardian, doctor, or other caregiver who wishes to give the most care.  In other words, if the doctor wants to pull the plug and the mother wants to keep trying, we defer to the mother.  And if the husband wants to pull the plug and the doctor thinks we should keep trying, we defer to the doctor.  Defer to the principle of maximum care.  (No killing the sick)

3) No abortion.  (No killing babies.)

4) No euthanasia counseling, pressuring, facilitating, or "educating."  (No suicide pressure.)

Freedom Caucus: Don't complicate it.  Here you have it.  You've got our demands.

Don't criticize me.  It's simplicity itself: don't murder people.  Don't incentivize killing inconvenient people.  Don't pressurize people to kill themselves.  Pay the money to heal people and keep all people alive.  Don't label people obsolete.  Do no harm.  When the decision comes down to money or life, choose life.

Is this really that difficult?

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