Oops! CNN accidentally confirms story that Brit intel passed along Trump communications to Obama admin

Lawyers are trained never to ask a question of a witness if they don't already know the answer.  But it is quite different in journalism – at least in principle, if the principle is getting at the truth.  But alas, in these days of fake news and fanatical dead-ender opposition to President Trump, those MSM TV networks committed to driving Trump from office might want to consider retraining for their talking heads.  Make them more like lawyers, and avoid embarrassments like that suffered by CNN's Brian Stelter. Courtesy of Grabien, here is a disastrous interview in which the guest, Larry Johnson, confirmed the story that Judge Andrew Napolitano told on air about British intelligence passing along surveillance data involving the Trump administration. Here is the rush transcript: STELTER: "Let me ask you about this thing." JOHNSON: "Sure." STELTER: "So my sense is that on Monday, Napolitano says this on TV, he says he...(Read Full Post)