Obama's game of I Spy

The media are all wee-wee'd up (as Barack Obama would say) over Donald Trump's charge that Obama spied on him at Trump Tower.  They trotted out old James Clapper, a man who perjured himself before Congress while lying about government spying on the American people, to deny Trump's claim that Obama spied on him. 

Does anybody remember former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson?  BHO's people bugged her computer.

How about when the Justice Department seized Associated Press phone records?  According to Mother Jones, a notoriously leftist publication:

Federal regulations require that the attorney general personally approve such a move, ensure the request is narrow and necessary, and notify the news organization about the request – in advance whenever possible. In this case, however, the Justice Department seems to have used an indiscriminate vacuum-cleaner approach – seeking information (from phone companies) about a wide range of phone numbers used by AP reporters – and it only notified AP after the fact.

The FBI also seized the records of the Washington Post and New York Times in just as cavalier a fashion.

Wikileaks says the U.S. spied on the French president, and, in point of fact, the NSA is also accused of spying on the presidents of Brazil and Mexico.

In point of fact, the Obama people ran something called the PRISM program in which the National Security Agency spied on Americans in general.

I suppose we are going at this backwards.  The question is not if the Obama camp spied on Trump, but rather whom they did not spy on.  It got so bad that Obama had to promise the heads of multiple nations he would stop spying on them.  How on God's green earth are we supposed to believe that Obama did not bug Trump Tower when he has bugged everyone else?

The great scandal of Watergate was not the break-in, but the attempt to wiretap a political opponent, and yet the media, once drunk with power over bringing down Richard Nixon, now sneer at accusations of the same.

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