Obama, president of 'historic firsts'...and not in a good way

Now that the #Obamagate wiretapping scandal is on us, with voters wondering "did he or didn't he" bug the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, as the latter charged Saturday, it's worth it to look at the president's style of governing.  The estimable Doug Ross of Director Blue has a list of historic "firsts" of the Obama presidency, most of which show abuse of power in a pattern so repetitive it's impossible not to think this could go farther.

You can be the judge of whether or not Obama had it in him to bug the candidacy of Trump.  But check out Doug's list to see what Obama's leadership character pattern amounts to.

As an old journalist buddy of mine from the foreign correspondent front in Africa said upon his return to the states: "I spent 20 years in the jungles here, serving my country in a way ... only to return home to an African dictator."  He saw the pattern then.  Ross's list might show the pattern to many more.