House's Devin Nunes in Obama's 'Deep State' crosshairs

Democrats and jealous losers like Senator John McCain have ganged up on House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes for telling the truth about President Trump's personal email being illegally spied upon and read by someone whose reach may have gone as far as President Obama.  In fact, it might have been Obama himself.

REPORTER: "Can you rule out the possibility that senior Obama Administration officials were involved in this?"
NUNES: "No, I cannot."

It's a disgusting specter because they were the ones who made such a stink about Trump's supposed involvement with the Russians and demanded that Nunes get "to the bottom of it."  When Nunes accommodated them, they screeched like chickens and cried "fowl" because they didn't like the answer.  They didn't like where the facts led.

Now they are calling for Nunes's head.  Bear in mind that Nunes has always been considered a straight shooter and never has had any ethical violations.  He's hard-nosed on Russia's role, and he calls things the way he sees them.  There is absolutely nothing they can pin on him objectively for doing his job.  So all they have left is braying.

Some are yelling that he disclosed "classified information" in revealing that Trump's emails were illegally spied upon.  This is baloney.  Crimes cannot be rendered unaccountable if there is evidence they have been committed outside the framework of what is allowed in classified information-gathering.  If there's a crime, all bets are off, and right now, the trail for a crime is going straight to the White House.

Who are the White House aides who may be behind it?  Obama's "mind meld," NSC deputy adviser Ben Rhodes, whose name has cropped up more than once as the center of Deep State activity?  Or could it be one of the other Obama administration holdouts and dead-enders?

Whatever happens now, the GOP must come together to support Nunes.  The Democrats asked for the truth about wiretapping and Russian hacking.  Nunes just gave it to them.

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