Nuke the Senate Democrats and move on

Time will tell whether a qualified judge like Mr. Gorsuch can get 60 votes or not.  Frankly, his résumé and experience should translate into 90-something votes.  

Nevertheless, the Senate Democrats are under such pressure from the left that I am not optimistic that Mr. Gorsuch will get any votes from anyone with a "D" next to his name.  Shame on red-state Democrats if Mr. Gorsuch cannot get one of them to vote "yes."

So let's move and nuke the Senate Democrats.

I agree with Rebecca Berg that the nuclear option is very likely:

Democrats "are in no position to ask for any sort of a deal on anything," said Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, citing that change.

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of the Republicans who has most stridently defended Senate filibuster rules, told RealClearPolitics that he would support the nuclear option to confirm Gorsuch.

"If they filibuster him, it means there's nobody a Republican could pick that they could support. That means they're telling Trump they don't recognize him as president," Graham said. "... I'm not going to play that game and let them use the traditions of the Senate when they choose to and grab power when they want to."

The purists will try to defend the 60-vote rule.  However, I am not alone in my frustration with this rule.

In theory, the 60-vote rule was intended to bring people together or create consensus.  Instead, the 60-vote rule kept the U.S. Senate from voting one way or another on the Iran deal.  It has made it impossible to approve good judges like Neil Gorsuch.

So nuke the Senate Democrats and move on.

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