Nazi Card: The Left's Latest Dirty Shot At Gorka Fails

An incredibly scurrilous report claiming some Nazi claimed that some man said he saw President Trump's top counterterrorism advisor, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, swear an avowed allegiance (are you still with me?) to some Nazi group in Hungary went as straight news at The Forward, a leftwing Jewish news site.

Apparently, the White House didn't think the claim was worth a comment, given the lunacy of the source (seriously, a standing Nazi?) and that refusal gave the broader left the wherewithal to engage in a feeding frenzy, attempting to turn the false claim that ran in the Forward into some sort of 'truth' by repetition. The Atlantic yelled 'questionable vetting.' Occupy Democrats yelled 'white supremacist.'

In light of the next claims, those of 'stonewalling,' the White House did finally issue a denial, and the Jewish people who actually know Dr. Gorka rapidly stepped forward to beat that lie to death with a shovel. The case has since fallen apart. The Jerusalem Post called it 'dead wrong' citing Gorka's long record of defending Jews.  Breitbart called it what it was: a smear.

It's not the first time a very competent person in the Trump administration has been singled out for attack. Nor is it the first attack from the rabid left against Gorka. It's the result of Alinskyite war tactics from a very determined leftist political elite: the miserable, bitter holdovers of the Obama administration, their discarded incompetent former officials and the veiled malevolents of the Deep State.

Gorka has said he doesn't care what these leftists do, and it's hard not to share his contempt for them. But this is reaching actionable levels of libel now. Since their lies just keep getting bigger and defeats don't stop them, no matter how many times their dirty efforts fail, maybe it's time to start exposing them and their networks, making examples of them. They're getting out of hand now. 



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