Michael Savage violently assaulted outside restaurant in Marin County

Angry, violent progressives, driven by nonstop Trump-hatred emanating from mainstream and leftist media, apparently feel impunity in acting out their fury.  Apparently it is open season on conservatives, at least in progressive bastions such as the wealthy Marin County town of Tiburon.

In a story originally broken by Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman:

Syndicated radio talker (heard here on KSFOMichael Savage was violently confronted and physically attacked by an unknown assailant last night (Tuesday) in a Marin County restaurant.

Savage was with his dog, "Teddy", and finishing up dinner at Servino Restaurant in Tiburon, CA (north of San Francisco) when the unnamed assailant charged up to Savage and began yelling, "Hey Weiner", making fun of Savage's legal last name. The attacker then kicked the poodle out of the way so he could get to Michael and then grabbed Savage and threw him to the ground, according to an eyewitness who watched the attack along with several restaurant patrons.

Savage was not seriously hurt and his dog is OK but the incident left him bloodied and shaken.

The two major Bay Area newspapers, The San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury-News, both reported the incident as "Savage claims…" and labeled him with such terms as "firebrand" and "fierce," indirectly offering a rationale for attacking him.  The incident took place in public, and there were witnesses and quite possibly CCTV recordings.  The facts will be clarified because Savage's attorney, Daniel Horowitz, is on the case, and he is a fierce and skillful advocate for his clients.  I would never wish to face him as opposing counsel in a legal matter, and I would be delighted to have him on my side.

In the Mercury-News's account:

Savage said the man called out to him: "Are you Michael Weiner?" (referring to his given name). Savage said he turned to the man and said, "Go away, I don't know who you are."

Horowitz said it's still not entirely clear what motivated the alleged assault, but his office is looking into whether it was a hate crime or whether it had anything to do his client's political views and his support of Trump, both frequent subjects of his "Savage Nation" nationally syndicated radio show. (snip)

A Tiburon police spokeswoman said officers arrived on the scene on Tiburon's Main Street at about 8:25 p.m. Both men involved in the fight claimed the other started it, according to an incident log. Spokeswoman Laurie Nilsen said the two men placed each other under citizen's arrest and were released at the scene. A follow-up police report will be sent to the District Attorney's Office for review to see if any charges will be filed.

Horowitz suggested it's unlikely his client was the aggressor, given that he's 5 feet 6 inches tall and 75 years old.

Horowitz said Savage, who lives in Marin County, had finished up a quiet dinner alone at Servino Ristorante. He had a bag of leftover food in one hand and his constant companion, his toy poodle Teddy, in the other.

Outside the restaurant, the man, who stands around 6 feet 5 inches, came at Savage, "yelling insults," Horowitz said.

After Savage told the man to "go away," he started to turn. Horowitz said it appears that the man knocked Savage to the ground while also pushing his dog out of the way.

At that point, another customer from the restaurant intervened, and Savage's alleged assailant punched him in the face, Horowitz said. Savage was somehow able to get back up and help the good Samaritan while also calling police.

No one fled the scene, with the involved parties staying to give their statements to officers. Nilsen said the officers were working on the report to send to prosecutors for review.

Horowitz said Savage wasn't hurt in the fight, and it doesn't appear anyone else was either. He said Savage may have seen his alleged assailant earlier in the bar of the restaurant.

"He called me from the scene," Horowitz said, referring to Savage. "Truthfully, I think he was more furious than anything. He was saying he had just wanted to go out and have a nice dinner. He said, 'This guy can't get away with that.' "

The alleged assailant, whose name has not been released, should expect the panoply of weapons offered by hate crime statutes to be employed against him.  Any social media or other public postings expressing hate toward Savage, Trump, or conservatives in general can be used to establish hatred as a motivation for a physical assault.

The location of the restaurant, in downtown Tiburon, takes some getting to from the nearest freeway exits.  Its clientele overwhelmingly would be drawn from the multimillion-dollar homes that cling to the rocky hillsides and shoreline of Tiburon, many with spectacular views of the Bay and the cities that surround it.  It has an outdoor dining area, and is what might be called luxe casual in atmosphere.

The odds are that the alleged assailant has substantial financial assets and that a lengthy, public legal battle will ensue unless some sort of apology and settlement is on the table.

How many angry rich progressives are likely to want to apologize to Michael Savage?

We'll see what the videos and witness statements reveal, and what the police and Marin County D.A. decide to do.  This will not end in obscurity.

Here is a picture of Savage's adorable toy poodle Teddy, his companion and favorite, of whom he speaks and writes frequently:

A Marin County jury might dislike Savage on political grounds, but on animal rights grounds, a 6-foot, 5-inch assailant of a 10-pound sweet-natured animal would not be too sympathetic.

The larger significance of this incident should not be lost.  Violence is being encouraged against President Trump and those who support him, with many progressive journalists and intellectuals silent about the wave of creeping totalitarianism.  You can tell who has genuine principles and who does not by their reactions to this assault in Michael Savage.  Leftists claim that fascism is engulfing America.  They are correct, but they can't admit that they are the fascists. 

For big-city conservatives today: we are all Michael Savage, at threat as we go about our daily lives in the nation's biggest metropolitan areas.