Mexican government helping illegal alien, welfare cheat, mom of 12 kids fight deportation

Openly and routinely, an arm of the Mexican government is at work, helping a convicted welfare cheater stay in America and eligible for all the subsidies that a mother of 12 qualifies for. It’s a heckuva lot more than she would get if she took herself and her kids back to her homeland. I am no expert on Mexican immigration law, though I understand it is tougher than ours, generally, but I suspect that a native born Mexican national could bring her children into that country and reside there legally. KVUE TV presents the details of the case, accepting the view that deporting the illegal alien would break up the family, as if they could not live together legally in Mexico, an assumption I am not certain about.  An undocumented mother of 12 is fighting deportation and she’s getting help from the Mexican Consulate in McAllen, Texas. She’s one of hundreds across the country targeted in renewed federal efforts to crack down on criminal aliens. Norma...(Read Full Post)