Low-income Americans should thank Trump for all the benefits they receive from his taxes

How many people on food stamps did Donald Trump's taxes support in 2005?  Based on USDA data, the average cost per year, per beneficiary, was about $90 per month, or $1,080 per year, per beneficiary.  Now that we know that Donald Trump paid $35 million in taxes that year, we can calculate that roughly 35,000 Americans (and non-citizens, who, for some reason, are receiving taxpayer-funded food) were fed courtesy of Mr. Trump that year.

Keeping in mind that only roughly half of Americans pay income taxes, and that low income is a prerequisite for food stamps, the likelihood is that nearly all of the 35,000 people contributed almost nothing toward funding the benefits they receive via income taxes.

The old ironic statement that "no good deed goes unpunished" reflects the awkward fact that people often resent those who help them.  Perhaps the fact that President Trump's taxes support so many people who cannot fend for themselves explains some of the intense hatred toward him from the left.

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