Joni Ernst ran against Obamacare, but now loves it more than her motorcycle

Joni Ernst's 2014 campaign for US Senate in Iowa was very much like the marketing campaign that Marvel comics puts into motion for its female superhero movies. Ernst, sporting a tough, rugged masculine 'do, plastered the airwaves with photos of herself in her National Guard outfit (she is a lieutenant colonel!). She did photo ops of herself riding a motorcycle. She even fired a gun in a campaign ad, promising to "unload" on Obamacare! Ernst is one, tough, conservative lady! I mean, she was. Flash forward more than 2 years later, and she is fighting against the repeal of Obamacare. Oh, if you ask her, Ernst will still say she wants Obamacare repealed, but she wants exceptions for the most expensive subsidies and regulations contained within Obamacare itself. Ernst insists she still wants to dismantle the law, but admits it’s not quite as simple as the “repeal and replace” mantra seemed in 2014. Why not? “We have to take...(Read Full Post)