Jesse Jackson, Jr. claims $1.8 million in debt

Poor Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s life is in ruins – an ex-con in the midst of a bitter divorce, claiming 100% disability and unable to pay his bills.  If only his father had more juice, he'd be sitting pretty like Chelsea Clinton, rolling in bling and awarded lucrative jobs he'd never get without the parental pull.  

Andy Grimm reports in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. on Tuesday said he and his estranged wife Sandi Jackson are $1.8 million in debt thanks to legal bills from their federal criminal prosecution and mounting fees from an acrimonious divorce playing out in courtrooms in two cities.

Jackson Jr. talked to reporters during an at-times rambling question-and-answer session following a brief hearing in his divorce case at the Daley Center, opining on the state of Washington politics and the best way to settle the couple's bills. Neither Jackson nor his wife, former Ald. Sandi Jackson, has worked since their release from prison after serving sentences meted out for misusing campaign funds and tax charges.

Unlike Chelsea, Jesse Junior actually got himself elected to Congress in 1996, replacing Mel Reynolds.  There was plenty of string-pulling involved, of course.  Reynolds was taken out of a safe House seat when he established a tradition that the occupant of the Second District of Illinois would end up in prison that Jackson faithfully upheld.

J-3 likes the high life and always had a habit of supplementing his salary with amounts of money obtained from friends of various sorts.  Some of them, like the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union, were identified by a Senate committee as having ties to organized crime.  So it was not too surprising that he ended up grifting to pay for Rolex watches among other baubles.

That's not true for Chelsea, who "tried to care about money, but couldn't."

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