It’s official: Dems just had their ‘Oh [censored]! moment on investigating Russian connections to their side

All of a sudden, the Democrats wish they had never opened the door to investigating Russia’s political influence buying.  They had been warned by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone not to go there, that it was a “minefield.” Uranium One, The Podesta Group, and much more.  See Taibbi and this, too.

And even James Clapper is saying that there is no evidence of any recruiting of Trump campaign officials by Russians.

So now we watch the Dems extract themselves from this mess they created in their fevered efforts to blame Hillary’s loss to Trump on something evil that could damage Trump so badly as to force him from office.  The Hill:

Dems threaten to pull support if Russia probe not 'legitimate'

Some Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are threatening to pull support from the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election if it is not conducted in a "legitimate" manner.

"I'm not going to be part of a dog-and-pony show that is not a serious effort to do an investigation, because this is really serious,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), according to The New York Times.

“If it’s not a legitimate and comprehensive and in-depth investigation, why would we be party to it?” she added.

“Most of us would agree that there’s no way we’re participating in any form of cover-up or whitewash, so we will walk away if the moment requires,” said Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) while adding that “we’re certainly not there yet.”

Clarice Feldman, as usual, sums it up better than anyone else: “Translation: we are sorry we opened this can of worms and would like for the whole thing to go away.”