In the fields and in the streets

3 Killed, 20 Injured. Terrorist Shot Dead. But UK Is Defiant.

That was the headline in the U.K. Sun this morning.  Defiant?  The definition of defiant is "boldly resistant or challenging" (  Think of Britain's determination after Dunkirk – that's a good example of defiance.  Of being boldly resistant.

But not now.  Not in the face of Islamic terrorism.  Nobody in the U.K. ruling elite is challenging or bold.  Not to yesterday's bloodletting in London, not to the decades-long growth of a vicious Islamic counterculture determined to eradicate British civilization.

Indeed, instead of a Churchill proclaiming, "We will fight them we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender," you have a succession of British leaders trooping to the balcony in order to protest how much they love and admire their Muslim brothers and sisters.  How the horrible events of yesterday will "not divide us."

Pathetic.  On the one hand, British leaders imply that their Muslim co-subjects will, any moment now, take up gardening, pub life, Shakespeare, and Milton, and on the other, these same silly leaders, without any consciousness of the perverse contradiction involved, insist upon celebrating the wonderful "diversity" a significant Muslim presence means.  Even to the point where they accept the fact that diversity means Muslim husbands routinely beat their wives, cut the throat of a goat in front of their children at Eid al-Adha, or mutilate the genitals of young girls with a razor blade.

So make up your mind about your culture, you simpletons.  Are they in, or are they out?

These people don't write books any of us wants to read, they treat women indescribably badly, and they're stuck in the seventh century, unable to advance themselves, because their idea of higher education is reciting the Koran over and over again until their brains fall out of their heads.  So you're not ever going to make little George Mountbatten Windsors out of their kids, ever, and as soon as there are enough of them, they're going to make a Halal burger and fries out of you.

And so, if you want to avoid that, start thinking about how nice England would be if you could just figure out how to get them off the dole, down from Tower Hamlets, and out to the airport.  How nice Britain will be without monstrous murderers cutting off heads of soldiers in daylight in the middle of a public street.  How nice it will be without Asian rape gangs.

There's got to be a compassionate, civil British way to do that.

Richard F. Miniter is the author of The Things I Want Most, Random House, BDD.  See it here.  He lives and writes in the colonial-era hamlet of Stone Ridge, New York; blogs here; and can also be reached at