Good move by Governor Christie

You may recall the story of Joanne Chesimard.  A radical and violent leftist, She was convicted in the 1970's of killing a New Jersey state trooper and then escaped to Cuba.   

Joanne then became Assata Shakur and was granted political asylum in Cuba.  More than that, she became the darling of the revolution or the black woman who represented everything racist and evil about the US.  It was pathetic.

We are happy to see that Governor Christie wants to bring her to justice, as we read a couple of days ago:

In 2015, when then-President Barack Obama reopened relations between the United States and Cuba, there was hope that Chesimard would be returned to finish her life sentence. But she remains free today, even though the Obama administration said her return would be part of diplomatic negotiations with the communist regime.

Appearing Friday night on Fox News Channel's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Christie said "it's outrageous" that Chesimard lives in freedom, and he pressed the administration of President Donald Trump to fight for her extradition to the U.S.

"I hope that what the Trump Administration is going to do is, before we take any further steps with a relationship with Cuba, that they say, 'Listen, first and foremost, return this fugitive from justice back to New Jersey so that she can rightfully serve the rest of her term for murdering a police officer,'" said Christie, a friend and supporter of Trump.

"I think this is something that Secretary of State [Rex] Tillerson and others in the Trump Administration should make a top priority in any dealings they have with Cuba," Christie added.

Indeed it should be a top priority!

The Chesimard case is exhibit A of everything that was wrong with President Obama's deal with the Castro regime.   

Unfortunately, the Obama team did not demand her release, or frankly demand anything at all.  it was simply a case of Mr. Obama desperately seeking a deal and not looking out for the US, or in this case a public official killed by a terrorist.

The Castro regime needs dollars and harboring this "oldie revolutionary" is of little value.  She means nothing today and should have been one of the many conditions that the Obama team put on the table.

Let's hope that President Trump takes a different posture.   State Trooper Werner Foerster's family deserves nothing less.

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