Does the CBO know what it's talking about on the GOP replacement for Obamacare?

Nearly every media outlet is reporting that 24 million people will lose health insurance under the replacement for Obamacare, known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), as if that were a factual number instead of a wild guess.  Maybe someday the media will report how far off the CBO is on almost all of its estimates instead of pretending the organization is factual.  We could do as well by throwing numbers into a hat. In 2009, an estimated 30 million people lacked health insurance in the United States.  When a higher number is used, that includes over 10 million illegal immigrants, who were not supposed to be covered by Obamacare.  Of the 30 million, more than 5 million were eligible for Medicaid but had not signed up, more than 10 million were young healthy people who chose not to buy even though there were many cheap options, and several million chose to self-insure.  There was a small percentage of people who truly had a major difficulty buying a...(Read Full Post)