Campaign of Jew-hatred underway in Chicago

The University of Illinois, Chicago is the scene of a campaign demonizing Jews and Israel. Yesterday, I noted the first round of the campaign, attacking “Jewish Privilege.”   Once is an incident.  Twice is a campaign.

Sam Charles of the Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Anti-Semitic fliers were found in UIC’s campus library Saturday, the second time such literature has been found in a campus building in less than a week.

Fliers denying the Holocaust, accusing Jews of receiving preferential treatment at colleges and universities and comparing the Gaza Strip to the Auschwitz concentration camp were found in the university’s Richard J. Daley Library, according to Eva Zeltser, a communications student and president of Rohr Chabad, a Jewish student organization at UIC.

Do they have surveillance cameras in the Richard J. Daley Library?

Universities have become bastions of intolerance, so it really should not be surprising to see them in the lead in hosting Jew-hatred campaigns. The same thing actually happened in Germany in the 1930s, so it isn't really surprising.