Bernie Sanders goes to coal country

If you want to see a leopard try to change his spots, get a load of Bernie Sanders's trip to coal country.

According to the Associated Press:

The former Democratic presidential candidate from Vermont received a standing ovation immediately from about 250 people in a high school auditorium in McDowell County, and his call for universal health care as a right for all Americans was greeted with loud applause.

President Trump hasn't even been in office 100 days yet, and already the socialist senator from Vermont is out campaigning for higher office again.  His visit this past weekend could be called a belated...very to win support from coal miners, a group his endorsed nominee, Hillary Clinton, wouldn't give the time of day to, and his president, Barack Obama, kept his vow to "bankrupt" by putting 80,000 miners out of work.

"Young people are leaving our small towns because they can't find jobs and that is going on all over the country," [Sanders] said.

So let's get this straight: Obama bankrupted the coal industry, and Sanders in the role of Captain Obvious is saying young people can't find jobs.  He makes no connection to the two events of cause and effect.

Following that act, Bernie Sanders is now lamenting the suicides, the drug addiction rates, the social dissolution, and the despair in these Obama-bankrupted communities, never noticing the irony of who caused that, either.  Like a traveling salesman touting his snake oil elixir, Sanders is touting Obamacare, as if the voter verdict on Obamacare last November never happened.

He's also touting renewable energy to the miners, of course, and the Associated Press is quoting activists who still say (and have been since the dawn of the Obama era in 2008) that "those jobs aren't coming back."

It's still 2008 for Sanders at best.

Here's the hollow irony of it: as Sanders courts coal miners, carefully avoiding calling them deplorables as Clinton did, the reality of his campaign financiers looms large.

Friends of the Earth Action.  American Renewables...

Sound like pro-coal people?

He also still has his endorsements from anti-coal greenies such as Erin Brockovich, Helen Caldicott, Tim DeChristopher, Julia Butterfly Hill (remember her?), Bill McKibben, Jill Stein, Winona LaDuke, Cameron Whittern, and other anti-coal green leftists.

But who says conventional energy such as oil and coal is really such a Sanders bugbear?  He's also got the endorsement of one Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, a major oil producer and big-time polluter.

Apparently, conventional energy is okay in Sanders's eyes only so long as communists are controlling it. 

Here's an even bigger irony.  Sanders is a big-time taker of anti-coal campaign donations from environmental wackos and coastal Democratic elites, his number-one geographical location for money.

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