An ex-CIA director and Stephen Colbert: Comedy Central?

Ex-CIA director Michael Hayden recently appeared on Stephen Colbert's not so funny comedy/late night show. 

The occasion was to bash Trump and his administration for their "collusion" with Russia and for Trump's recent assertion that Obama's administration engaged in electronic surveillance of him and his team before the election.

Does anyone else see this as odd?  I can't recall ex- or standing CIA directors coming on Johnny Carson's or Jay Leno's show.  They aren't highly sought after guests based on their lively wit and scintillating personalities.  Why ask them to come on?  And why do they agree to come on?  Spooks typically don't like the light, let alone the spotlight.  Did Hayden ask to come on?  Or was Hayden told to come on?  And by whom?

What we witnessed here in yet another instance of Trump-bashing was a shining example of the confluence of the Washington deep-state bureaucracy and the media-entertainment industry.  You have to admit that it is truly amazing to see this hand-in-hand, out-in-the-light tango by the media and the deep-state bureaucracy.  Shades of 1930s Germany and the Soviet Union come to mind.

The very definition of fascism is total conflation of government with industry, media, and other key elements of society.  Messrs. Colbert and Hayden just served up an excellent example.