A rich wastrel's life for the family man of Kalorama

After a flood of gushing media coverage touting his deep family devotion as reason for his decision to stay in Washington after his term ended, President Obama turns out not to be quite the devoted family man he was portrayed as after all.

He's just jetted off to Tahiti, alone, without family, in what must be his fourth vacay to yet another exotic private pleasure resort in the wake of leaving office.  It's the life of the jet-set, the idle rich, the rich wastrel, the luxury mooch...the Hollywood elite after they've made it big in pictures, or the new-money shady-business magnate eager to flaunt it.  Having finished up with Richard Branson, he's now staying at Marlon Brando's exclusive $11,000-a-night resort in Tahiti, and you can bet there will be another billionaire soon after it.

So much for the WaPo, which earlier on had tried to sell us this treacle:

President Obama can issue sweeping executive orders and deploy troops to faraway corners of the world. But it became clear Thursday that the leader of the free world sometimes takes orders from his 14-year-old daughter.

Over lunch with a small group of supporters in Milwaukee, Obama said he and his family plan to stay in Washington for a couple of years after his presidency so that Sasha, the younger of his two daughters, can finish high school.

The result is that Obama will be the first former president since Woodrow Wilson, nearly a century ago, to remain in the nation's capital after leaving the White House.

Actually, it's more like this:

The former US president slipped quietly into Tahiti by private jet yesterday, touching down at Faa'a International Airport near the capital of Papeete at about 3.30pm.  He is expected to stay in French Polynesia for the next month, but his initial visit to Tahiti was a short one. According to local television channel Tahiti Nui TV, Mr Obama left the island just 30 minutes later aboard a smaller, private plane bound for eco-luxe resort The Brando on the nearby atoll of Tetiaroa. Formerly the Tahitian royal family's favourite retreat, Tetiaroa later became the home of legendary actor Marlon Brando, who bought parts of the idyllic atoll in the 1960s.

Or this headline:

Kitesurfing, Lunch with Bono, Golfing in Hawaii: All About the Obamas' Life Now

Now, we suppose he can live any type of Beyoncé-style sybaritic life he likes, skipping the obligation to serve others.  After all, not paying as high a tax rate as President Trump, and getting millions the usual post-politician way the most of them do, has afforded Obama the luxury of being on permanent vacation – as does having rich friends who seem to be eager to return favors.

But there is also the issue of the Deep State, the new kind of coup for Obama's operatives who refuse to give up power.  Why, indeed, did Obama want to maintain that beachhead in Washington if he didn't plan to stay there and be a father to his daughter?  His traipsing around the world on pleasure trips sure as heck wasn't about Sasha or her well-being.  But his operatives sure as heck have been busy.  Would it be that hard for Obama to direct this Deep State activity from a chaise longue on a Tahitian island, mirrored sunglasses on, cold mojito in hand, just as a drug lord might?  The implications of this are surprisingly creepy. 

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