A bone for the left: How about halting visas to nations that kill gays?

A recent Mallard Fillmore cartoon suggested that Trump should put the travel ban on countries that kill members of the LGBT community instead of putting the temporary ban on people from the seven countries the Obama administration said are the source of most terrorists.  That way, it certainly couldn't be seen as being against a religion, but purely against discrimination. According to the Washington Post, there are ten countries that will put you to death if you are convicted of being gay.  (Other articles say there are twelve, but we all know that the WaPo is always 100% accurate.) Here is the list from WaPo: Yemen, Mauritania, Iran, Qatar, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates. I know that the business leaders, the colleges, Hollywood, Democrats, judges, and the media would be fully supportive of a temporary ban on people from these countries, so we can attempt to make sure that if the people from...(Read Full Post)